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Tuesday, January 22, 2019






Pasadena Citizens' Advisory Council

Next Regular Meeting Tues, January 22, 2019: Transportation of Chemicals by Rail


Meetings are usually held at First United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall, 1062 Fairmont Parkway, Pasadena, Texas from 6:00 - 8:30 p.m. Write for details or to RSVP.

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Next Regular Meeting:   Tuesday, January 22, 2019
Transportation of Chemicals by Rail
45 food - 6:00 business -- adjourn by 8:30pm.  Contact to sign up.

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Contact us at if you would like to attend a PCAC meeting. The typical meeting agenda includes a main topic plus updates from plants on environmental and safety performance and business information.  The main topic may be a presentation, an annual report, or a tour.  Time is always allotted for Q&A and discussion. 


Meeting Summaries from 2018

January 23-- Emergency Response and Communications Associated with a large ship fire at a plant dock. Summary.
February 27-- Annual Report on Worker Safety in PCAC Plants. Summary.
March 22--Washburn Tunnel: History, Operations and Emergency Response.  Summary.
April 25-- Data used by Houston Chronicle in Periodic Articles on Chemical Risk. Summary.
May 22-- I've Got Something on My Mind: Program Planning for 2018-2019. Summary.

August 23-- Beltway 8 Bridge Expansion.  Results of Air Alliance Houston Pasadena Project. Summary.
September 25- Facts about Workforce Development.  Innovations in Worker Training.  Summary.
October 23- Annual Report on Air Emissions from PCAC Plants.  Air Quality Trends. Summary.
November 29- Tour of PISD's Career and Technical High School. Summary.

Meeting Summaries from 2017

January 24-- Overview of Environmental Permitting. Summary.  Slides.  Update on Air Alliance Houston project in Pasadena. Summary.  Slides. TCEQ brochures on public participation in environmental permitting before 9-1-15 and after 9-1-15
February 28 -- Annual Report on Worker Safety in PCAC Plants.  Summary.
March 23 -- Visit to Houston TranStar. Overview of Harris County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management and Tour of County Emergency Operations Center.  Summary.  
April 25 -- Emergency Management and Communications Meeting Review.  Introduction to  Summary
May 23 -- Port of Houston OverviewSummarySlides.
September 26-- Hurricane Harvey Experiences and Lessons Learned. Summary.  San Jacinto College Maritime AcademySummarySlides.
October 24-- San Jacinto River Waste Pits Superfund SiteSummarySlides.
November 30-- Annual Report on Air Emissions from PCAC Plants.  SummaryHighlights.

Meeting Summaries from 2016

January 26-- PCAC's 25th Anniversary Celebration. SummaryPhoto A. Photo B. Photo C. Photo D.
February 23 -- Annual Report on Worker Safety in the 18 PCAC Plants.  Summary.
March 24 -- Emergency  Communications in a Plant during a Significant Industrial Event.  Summary
April 26 -- What Happens When a Plant Notifies the City of a Significant Industrial Event.  Summary.  Slides.  
May 25 -- How CHEMTREC Helps Emergency Responders. How to Read the DOT Emergency Response Guidebook. Truck Safety Features.  Summary.  Slides.  
August 25 -- Program Planning.  City of Pasadena Stormwater Management.  Summary.  Slides.  
September 27 -- Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act.  Summary.  Handout
October 25 -- Annual Report on Air Emissions from PCAC Plants.  Summary.  
December 1 -- Cyber Security.  Summary.

Meeting Summaries from 2015

January 27-- Overview and Tour of San Jacinto College Process Technology Program.  SummaryPresentation.
February 24  -- Annual Report on Worker Safety.  Summary.
March 26  -- Overview and Tour of PISD Career and Technical High School.  Summary
April 28, 2015 -- "I've Got Something on My Mind.  Program Planning. Summary.
August 27, 2015 -- Houston Ship Channel Security District.  SummarySlides.
September 22, 2015 -- Tour of US Coast Guard Station.  Summary.
October 27, 2015 -- Annual Report on PCAC Plant Emissions.  Summary.
December 3, 2015 -- Hazardous Materials Transportation by Rail, with a Focus on the Work of the Port Terminal Railroad Association (PTRA).  SummarySlides.

Meeting Summaries from 2014

February 25 -- Annual Report on Safety of Workers in PCAC Plants.  Summary.
March 27 -- Industry and Pasadena ISD Support of Industry Workforce Development. 
Summary.  Careers in Manufacturing brochure. Job descriptions.
April 22 -- Pipelines and Salt Domes. 
May 2014 -- 
Emergency Communications Refresher.  SummarySlides on city and school district emergency communications.  Handout on Pasadena community warning systems. Poster on how to shelter in place. CAER Line facts in EnglishCAER Line facts in Spanish.
August 2014 -- Health Impacts from Environmental Exposure.  Summary. Slides on Mortality Causes in Pasadena vs. State as a Whole.  Slides on How Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Uses Air Monitoring Data to Protect Public Health.
October 2014 -- Pasadena Police Department Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Program. SummarySlides.
December 2014 -- Annual Report on PCAC Plant Air Emissions.  Summary.

Meeting Summaries from 2013

January 22 -- Stormwater Management in Industry and the City of Pasadena. Summary. City slides. Industry slides.
February 26 -- Annual Report on Worker Safety in the 17 PCAC Plants. Summary.
March 26 -- Hurricane Surge Suppression Efforts. SummarySlides.
April 23 -- How Plants Notify City of Pasadena of Significant Incidents Using e-Notify.  Summary.
May 2013 -- US Coast Guard on Houston Ship Channel Security.  Summary.
August 2013 -- Panama Canal Expansion. Summary.  Slides.
September 2013 -- "I've Got Something on My Mind" and Program Planning for 2014.  Summary.
October 2013 -- Annual Report on Air Emissions from PCAC Plants.  Summary.
December 2013 - Air Quality Trends and Emerging Issues.  SummarySlides.

 Safety Moment

At each meeting, plants report workplace-related worker injuries and illnesses recorded as required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Occasionally, PCAC schedules plants to talk about their safety programs. Since 2010, the group has incorporated a Safety Moment into each meeting. Presented by a PCAC plant, the moment may be about safety specific to that plant or about preventing the kind of hazards common in everyday life. 

Railroad Crossing Safety: Man: No Match For A Train!

Run, Hide, Fight:  What to Do if Confronted with an Active Shooter Situation
This 5-minute video was prepared by the City of Houston. It is available at

Heat Safety:  This heat safety presentation from 2012 explains the dangers and symptoms of becoming overheated and contains some useful charts to help people recognize the symptoms.

Avoiding Parking Lot Vehicle Accidents:  Parking lot crashes represent 20% of all auto insurance claims.  One in four of these crashes occurs while backing out of a parking space. Backing in to park and pulling forward to exit are recommended as are driving through two spaces to park in the one where you are facing out, using a backup camera or spotter, knowing your vehicle’s blind spots, and walking around your vehicle before leaving to check for any hazards.


How We Select Meeting Topics

Every year or so, PCAC develops a Program Plan to assure it is addressing issues of greatest interest to community members.  Community members, plant members, and guests brainstorm topics they believe PCAC should address.  Using sticky dots, they choose those they most want to cover in the coming year.  By using different colors for community and plant members, PCAC is able to schedule the topics of most community interest. Members may also see whether there are differences in what community and plant members want to discuss.  The Program Plan is flexible and may be changed by group agreement.   Contact us at  if there are issues you would like PCAC to address

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