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Thursday, November 29, 2018 – Tour of Pasadena ISD’s Dr. Kirk Lewis Career and Technical High School

PCAC members and guests were treated to an overview and tour of Pasadena Independent School District’s Dr. Kirk Lewis Career and Technical High School (CTHS).  PCAC members previously toured the school in March 2015.  Since then the school has grown from 900 to 1600 students.

Dianes Barnes, Career and Community Coordinator for CTHS, said the school has 24 pathways from which students may choose, ranging from agriculture to welding. The entire program is driven by the school’s mission statement, prominently displayed on a lobby wall:  Empower students to successfully transition to the global community through unique educational experiences.  The 24 pathways are part of 6 academies:  Agriculture, Health Services, Business and Human Services, Manufacturing and Construction, Technology and Engineering, and Transportation and Shipping. CTHS is a school of choice, meaning students must apply.  Entrance criteria include school attendance records, discipline, overall academic performance, state assessment scores, and completion of an essay. 

After the overview, attendees were taken on a tour of the facility. They visited Welding, Construction and Welding, Robotics Maritime, Culinary Arts, Construction, HVAC/Electrical and Automotive Repair.  Several students and teachers “showed off” their programs.

Agenda 11-29-18
Meeting Notes 11-29-18