Building True Partnerships Between Community and Industry

Thursday, August 22, 2019 – Program Planning

In preparation for brainstorming and prioritizing program topics and activities for the coming 12 months, Pasadena Citizens’ Advisory Council (PCAC) members and visitors worked in small groups to share industry-related issues on their minds and those of their family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers. They reviewed the PCAC’s mission and purposes, its history, and the program plans from similar advisory councils. They then noted some of the topics they wanted to raise during the brainstorming exercise.

Groups then called out topics to be listed on flip charts and received sticky dots to spend on those they most want to cover in the coming year. Topping the community member’s priorities among the 22 suggested meeting topics was to hold a discussion on the positive aspects of industry. Next came a recommendation to look broadly at the safety aspects of transporting hazardous materials to and from plants by various modes: trucks, rail, ships and barges, and pipelines. This was followed closely by a request for a refresher on how the City of Pasadena handles emergencies, and a visit to an emergency operations center.

A Program Planning Committee will draft a plan for 2020 based on the input and bring it to PCAC for approval at an upcoming meeting. The plan will then be used to construct PCAC meeting agendas and schedule tours.